What’s ejaculation all about?

It seems that is in our nature to be fascinated with the beauty and size of the penis. It's no wonder we associate the word "power" (Latin "potentia") with the penis.

Throughout the history, the penis has been used a genuine symbol of success, dominance, strength, and manhood. The things haven't changed in our modern times marked with the technological progress and innovations. So, what's the catch with our fascination with the penis?

Well, it's rather quite simple. Without the erection, you can forget about the most enjoyable and important pleasures of life – the orgasm. Without the orgasm itself, there's no and can't be life.

It’s totally understandable for the guys to become focused on the quality of their ejaculations. Again, the volume of ejaculation determines so many things, such as sexual identity and the overall quality of life, including the self-confidence.

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We all know that a male orgasm takes place at the very peak of the sexual performance and pleasure. In order for a guy to ejaculate, the various muscles have to contract simultaneously. We’re referring to the pc muscle or the pubococcygeus muscle, which has to work simultaneously with the anal sphincter, perineum and rectum.

Let’s not forget all important muscles around the penis itself. This is how it works. No contraction. No ejaculation. It’s that simple. The first couple of contractions are essential for the quality and overall volume of your ejaculation.

They’re the most intense and powerful ones. The volume and duration of your ejaculation are determined by the numerous factors, such as your overall health condition, diet, age, physical, and sexual activity.

When it comes to the "content" itself, there are no big surprises or variations. All men ejaculate the same sperm components, more or less, such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid), chlorine, calcium, choline, cholesterol, creatine, citric acid, glutathione, fructose, vitamin B12, zinc, pyruvic acid, purine, pyrimidine, sodium, sorbitol, nitrogen, phosphorus, hyaluronidase, inositol, potassium, lactic acid, and magnesium.

It's a long list of components, but the "load" is rather quite symbolic in term of the quantity. We're talking about 2 ml up to 5 ml in total. Your ejaculate comes from your seminal vesicles and the prostate.

When it comes to the semen’s taste, we have to say it may vary a lot. It’s rather an individual thing. Your physical activity, overall health, and diet play a crucial role in how your semen will eventually taste. Regarding the color of your semen, it’s supposed to be white, but not pure white rather opaque white or even light gray.

Now, you should know that potent, young, healthy, and active guys tend to ejaculate predominantly white and quite dense sperm.

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The factors influencing the ejaculation volume

What are the early warning signs you shouldn't ignore when it comes to your ejaculation issues? Well, if you notice a dramatic and sudden decrease in your ejaculate volume, you should scan your prostate with the ultrasound as soon as possible.

It's possible that you may be experiencing a duct obstruction issue, which means that one of your ejaculatory ducts may be blocked. Just in case, you should check if you're suffering from some form of prostate infection also known as the chronic prostatitis.

The best thing you can do for the quality of your ejaculate is to consult your doctor, if you notice sudden changes in the overall amount, texture, or appearance. A qualified physician can determine for sure if a urinary infection, chlamydia, gonorrhea, or some other health issue is influencing the quality and volume of your ejaculation.

Needless to say, you will be required to endure a couple of days of sexual abstinence, before you give your semen samples to your doctor for a thorough analysis.

There's a catch, when it comes to the standard semen analysis. Usually, the results you will get are more or less within the range we can be freely described as "normal." However, some guys still feel quite unhappy with the contracting power of their penis muscles, including the appearance and volume of their ejaculate.

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What are the benefits of increased volume?

When it comes to the benefits associated with the powerful orgasms, they are numerous. Let’s start by saying that the volume determines not only the quality and quantity of sperm, but your overall health and self-confidence, as well. If you increase the volume of fluid during the ejaculation, you’re benefiting your penis’ contractions, which become more intense and powerful. So, we’re talking about a completely new level of pleasure and joy in a bedroom.

Let’s address another extremely important question that goes hand-in-hand with the potency. We’re referring to the improved fertility and we aren’t exaggerating at all. Infertility is a serious problem. The SEMENAX isn’t a miracle maker in this field, but it can help you beyond your most optimistic expectations to impregnate your loved one.

Finally, we simply can’t ignore the benefits to your self-confidence. What’s a man without enough self-confidence in a bedroom? Well, we’re talking about a living nightmare, aren’t we? And, if you are happy with your sex life, then you are going to be happy with all aspects of your life.

The high volume booster solution that works for real

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