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Semenax® was clinically superior to placebo in improving ejaculate volume and intensity of orgasm*


Do you want to shoot of HUGE, visually stunning loads of cum whenever you want? Do you want to have the most amazing orgasms and strong, ROCK-HARD erections that shoot across the room? If so – Semenax is for you.

It’s time to turn up the intensity of your orgasms, and be the guy that shoots so hard you clear the room whenever you like. There are huge numbers of men out there just like you who want to perform better in bed, and plenty of women who love the feel and site of a strong ejaculation. However, most men have no idea how to accomplish this.


In addition to making your orgasms longer, bigger, and fuller, Semenax also allows for better overall orgasm control, which can help you last longer in bed. And, when you finally do decide to release your load, it’ll be like popping a bottle of champagne.

Just imagine the woman you’re with moaning, writhing, and panting as you last longer in bed than you ever have before, and then being able to release a powerful, full load of cum inside her (or all over her, it’s up to the happy couple of course) demonstrating you’re overwhelming stamina. This is attractive not only from a visual standpoint, it is subconsciously attractive on a biological level – a bigger, stronger load demonstrates better genes.

Just how do Semenax Pills work anyway?

If you’re wondering if it’s really possible that a little pill could actually cause you to increase your sex life in such an amazing way, you’re not alone. It’s not magic, though, it’s science – Semenax is made up using a technologically advanced formula.

If it weren’t for this formula we would have never attracted such amazing reviews from medical experts throughout the world.

You see, the male orgasm requires several muscular tissues to commit at the moment of climax, these include the following:

It is the contractions of these particular muscles that supply your orgasm.

However, keep in mind that your muscles will only contract for enough time to ejaculate the amount of semen you have available. When you are out of fluid, your ejaculation is finished.

Therefore, if you desire to have longer, more intense orgasms, you must INCREASE your level of seminal fluid.

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More Seminal Fluid Means Harder, Faster, and Longer Muscle Contractions So You Can Enjoy…

Wild, intense, and truly MIND-BLOWING orgasms that just keep going on, and on, and on.

This product really does the job – having more seminal fluid leads to longer and more enjoyable climaxes. To make your orgasms stronger and produce impressive amounts of seminal fluid, it’s essential to boost your body’s production of it.

Semenax plays a crucial role here. It’s a daily supplement that gives your reproductive system the important nutrients it needs. These nutrients have been shown over time to significantly enhance your body’s capacity to produce seminal fluid for orgasm.



After taking Semenax on a daily basis, within 60 to 90 days you will begin seeing bigger, longer, and more pleasurable ejaculations as your semen count rises.

It’s a simple formula: more ejaculate = better orgasms.

How Does An Ejaculation Volume Enhancer Work?

In order to fully understand the role of an abundant ejaculate volume for men’s pleasure, we need to closely examine the male climax, first.

We all know that the climax of our sexual pleasure gives us an orgasm. In men, the different groups of muscles contract simultaneously during an orgasm. These contractions affect both the PC (PuboCoccygeus) muscle groups and the rectum, perineum, and anal sphincter, including all the penis muscles. It is that simple.

Without the contraction there can’t be the ejaculation of semen. The first contractions are of the essential importance for the quality and volume of ejaculation. They have to be quite intense and with the short intervals in between (between 0.5 and 0.9-second intervals). As the orgasm reaches its end, these contractions eventually decrease in their duration and most importantly intensity.

Here are some additional simple facts we should be aware of. The more volume of sperm you have to deliver, you need more intense and durable contractions to do the job.

It’s no wonder that there are numerous products that are aiming to increase the ejaculate volume specifically. Of course, there’s no better way to impress your partner than with the unimaginable volume of your semen. You don’t need a better proof that you’re enjoying the time spend with your partner in a bedroom.

However, we shouldn’t neglect the invaluable importance of semen volume on our overall health, self-confidence, and proper functioning of our reproductive system. The name of the new semen volume game is SEMENAX. The male reproductive and sexual system is one complex machinery.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy your sexual life to the fullest extent possible, you have to make sure that every single piece of this complex mechanism is working and delivering properly. That’s the catch.

Let’s have a closer look at the crucial parts of every man’s sexual system:


All those volume tablets, capsules, and enhancers are supposed to significantly increase the amount of available semen and sperm volume. However, we believe that is essential to put a strong emphasis on the overall sexual health of men with the specific solution the guys are about to use.

We should also take into consideration that many guys associate enhanced potency with the fertility, which is totally understandable. If you want to achieve all of these important goals, then you have to choose a solution that does it both – increases fluid volume and sperm quantity. Thanks to SEMENAX your load won’t be only more impressive, pleasurable, and bigger, but also more potent too.

When you are about to make a choice which ejaculation volume enhancer to use, you should pay a close attention to the ingredients list. Look for the products that include amino acids. Also, make sure your preferred product has the herbal concentrates from South America and China that have proven themselves to be effective in this field for hundreds of years. These should make your research work easier and quicker:

Reliable products can be easily identified because they offer a rock-solid money back guarantee and fully transparent ingredient lists. Think twice before you settle for a product that is supposed to change your sexual life, performance, and health in the right way. SEMENAX could be just the thing you have been looking for all this time. If Your question is: where to buy Semenax, then just visit this link and You will find all info that You need.

Are You A Semenax® Guy?


Semenax® clients include men from around the world, from every culture, and every background.

Anyone who wants to be a super-stud in bed and impress their partner is the perfect customer.

A few of our more prevalent Semenax customers include:

Ready to finish like a porn star?

How Quickly Semenax Does it Work?

Within a week of daily use, you’ll notice your load getting bigger and your climaxes more intense.

Most guys see an increase in just the first couple of days.

But the full effects of Semenax build up over time. You’ll see the best results after 60 to 90 days, as your body fully absorbs the ingredients.

Think of Semenax as a daily habit, like brushing your teeth, that enhances your and your partner’s enjoyment permanently. 

It’s like giving your intimate moments an extra spark every day.

Try Semenax RISK-FREE For 60 Days!

Still not sure you want to take advantage of Semenax? We’ll make it easy for you.

You can try Semenax RISK-FREE for two months.

Here’s how it works – we will send you a two month supply. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your longer, more explosive orgasms, simply return the empty bottles within 60 days of your purchase, and we’ll refund every cent (minus shipping and handling) no questions asked.

This policy works for bigger packages too (no pun intended). You have the ability to return any unopened bottles together with the merchandise you’ve used and you will still get a complete refund, as long as it is within 60 days of your initial purchase.

So, why are we giving out such a risk-free trial? Because we have been around for over ten years, and we KNOW our product works from the countless happy customers and testimonials we’ve received. We are so certain that you will be satisfied, that we are literally giving this product to you with zero risks.

We know you will be THRILLED with Semenax.

Healthy Sperm and Semenax

SemenaxIt’s one of those things all the guys take for granted. The healthy sperm count, which is essential for your lady conceive. Who even wants to think about it? However, the bitter truth is that you have to have lots of these healthy and vigilant swimmers if you want to expand your family.

If you want to maintain the healthy sperm count then you have to take a lot of biological factors into consideration. Or, you can boost your sperm quality and count with a help of an efficient semen volume enhancer, such as Semenax.

Let’s take a look at the sperm count in numbers that mean life – literally. The average healthy sperm count is anywhere between 150 to 400 million per cm3. Now, if your sperm count number drops down below 40 million per cm3, then you have a problem. Why do you need to have the healthy and recommended sperm count number? Well, it’s actually quite simple. The more of your “swimmers” are around, the more likely is that you will have luck with the conception.

SemenaxDirectHealthy lifestyle and high sperm count go hand-in-hand. So, it’s not surprising that if you want to ensure the optimal sperm motility, you have to stay away from unhealthy habits, such as smoking, alcohol or drugs. These are proven sperm count and motility killers.

You should also pay attention to all kinds of industrial pollutants and pesticides that are waiting to do harm to your sperm count. That’s the price you have to pay for living in a modern consumer-driven society. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. Avoid the pesticide-heavy products and opt for the organic instead.

Male fertility is highly dependent on healthy diet habits. This means that you have to include lots of broccoli and spinach in your diet among other vegetables. Oranges and lemons are good too. Let’s not forget fresh organic fruits, legumes, and whole grains. On the other side, you should say no to the animal products with the high concentration of hormones.

Staying away from these proven sperm count and healthy lifestyle killers is the best way you can do for your conceiving plans. Are these “sacrifices” worth of obtaining the ultimate award – creating a new life? We all know the answer to this question, don’t we? The next stop on your healthy lifestyle journey is the healthy body weight.

herbal-medicineThe more weight you gain, the more likely is that you will have troubles with conceiving. It has been proven that there’s a link between obesity and low sperm count. So, if you want to have lots of healthy sperm, then do some exercise and maintain your healthy body weight.

Teaming up with the nutritional supplements can be a great way to benefit your male fertility rate. Let’s mention vitamin C and zinc among other beneficial nutrients. The optimal quantities of these nutrients, which contribute to your sperm’s count and motility, are between 2,000 and 6,000 milligrams of vitamin C and between 100 and 200 milligrams of zinc a day.

If you want to boost male fertility then you should ask help from the good old mother nature. There’s an abundance of herbs that have been stimulating sex drive and overall sexual health for hundreds of years all over the world among many ancient cultures. We can mention muira puama, panax ginseng, tribulus terrestris, ginkgo biloba, and many others.

We aren’t saying that you have to be always on the watch and stressed, if you want to maintain your optimal sperm count. However, this doesn’t mean that you should let yourself go and become reckless when it comes to your lifestyle. For instance, don’t use your smartphone 24/7. Give your digital “pet” a break. How hard could it be? There’s no definite proof that radiation from a smartphone causes harm to our body.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should put your smartphone near your groin for a long period of time. In addition, it may seem like a trivial thing, but you should think twice about putting tight-fitting pants on. Also, don’t expose your groin to the hot water for too long. Why? Well, one day you may regret it.

We have already mentioned the most efficient semen volume and count booster in the market, and we are going to do it again – Semenax. This product combines all the beneficial nutrients we have mentioned previously. The best thing about it is that there’s nothing to worry about as long as you use it. There are no side-effects because this is a 100% natural solution. So, give it a try. At least your fertility capacity just got an invaluable ally when you need it the most. Rest assured that Semenax won’t let you down.

Healthy Diet and Semenax

man-eating-saladWe are what we eat. We all know that. For instance, if you’re planning to conceive, then you should include lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Long story short, we all know how a healthy diet looks like and what it should include.

The food rich in antioxidants comes with an abundance of proteins that offer protection against various forms of cognitive decline, cancers, some forms of heart diseases, and even Alzheimer’s.

So, what’s happening with antioxidants and fertility? Some of the most recent researches conducted in New Zealand proved that there’s a connection between antioxidant supplements and increased fertility rate.

Do you know what it means to be a sub-fertile man? Well, we’re talking about the men with the low sperm count. Some of them are still capable of conception despite the fact their sperm count is lower than average. The simple fact is that the process of oxidation just doesn’t get along with the sperm cells’ quality and count.


Infographic-of-blueberryThe oxidation process is associated with the free radical molecules that can damage your DNA and cells’ functions. On the other side, we have the antioxidants combined with vitamins, nutrients, and molecules that stabilize the free radicals and therefore protect our cells’ normal functions.

We have to admit that it is a bit too early to say for sure that antioxidants are the sole best fertility booster. However, one thing is for sure. The food rich in antioxidants certainly contributes to the overall health and therefore to the higher fertility in guys.

So, where can we find antioxidants in food? It’s not that hard. Just look for the vegetables, blackberries, legumes, grain cereals, soy, nuts, chocolate, olive oil, spices, herbs, tea, coffee, red wine, and cinnamon.

Also, if you want to include lots of antioxidants in your diet, then you should stay away from the processed foods, and stick to the fresh and uncooked food. It just doesn’t make any sense to boil the antioxidant-rich food, such broccoli among others, because you’re literally killing its nutritional value.


Vitamin E and zinc are the well-known antioxidants. If you’re looking for the fertility-friendly food then you should look for tomatoes, mangoes, and olives that are rich in vitamin E. On the other hand, if you want to get enough of zinc, then look for pumpkin seeds and oysters.

bottle-of-semenaxJust like there is fertility-friendly food, there’s food that can negatively influence the fertility rate in men. Let’s mention tea, coffee, and especially the animal products with the high hormone concentration. Tea and coffee contain caffeine that has proven capacity to inhibit fertility.

Semenax a synonym for a fertility-friendly solution

Semenax is a 100% natural and totally harmless semen volume booster that gives you all the benefits of a healthy diet rich in antioxidants. This product is all about its unique combination of amino acids, herbals, and minerals that have proven themselves to be particularly effective in boosting our sex drive and overall health. Among other powerful and natural ingredients, Semenax includes lots of pumpkin seed, which is rich in zinc.

Nowadays, it has become quite difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Why? Well, you just can’t keep up with the high demands of the modern lifestyle. We all know that’s true, don’t we? Semenax can help you get all the invaluable ingredients with no need to modify your current lifestyle.

If you want to maximize the effectiveness of Semenax then combine it with a healthy and balanced lifestyle and diet.

Semenax is everything you need to finish like a porn star!