How Semenax Works To Increase Your Ejaculate Volume

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You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand how Semenax works. Even though our formula is highly advanced, its beauty is in its simplicity:

More semen = harder, more frequent contracts and longer lasting, more intense orgasms.

= WILDER, More Mind-Blowing Orgasms!

semenaxBottleYou see, the amount of semen you have is directly correlated with the length and explosiveness of your orgasms, as well as the overall pleasure you experience.

Therefore, it only makes sense that if you want to boost your orgasms, you need to shoot bigger loads. Not only does this make your orgasm better, it looks more appealing and makes your partner perceive you as genetically superior because big loads mean better genes.

This is where Semenax comes in.

And that is where Semenax® might help.

All 4 Of Your Semen Producing Functions Increase!

Semenax is proven to increase your ejaculate by improving semen production to ensure that:

After 60 to 90 days of daily supplementation, you will experience noticeably bigger, longer, more pleasurable ejaculations every time you cum.

Remember – the more semen you have, the longer, and harder you ejaculate! Do you actually need Semenax to increase your load, though? Well, it depends. If you want to spend a lot of time and money experimenting with diet, learning all about various methods for increasing your semen count, then be our guest. The thing is, we’ve done all this work for you and we developed a proven, all-natural supplement that has EVERYTHING you need.

If you’re currently dissatisfied with your load – if, when you orgasm, you don’t shoot, you trickle – or you want longer, more intense orgasms, or perhaps you see your virility decreasing as you age, then Semenax is for you. For most men, testosterone and load size begins to decrease naturally with age. The amount it decreases is heavily dependent on genetics and also your daily habits.

No matter who you are – whether you’re young, or getting up in age – Semenax will help you. You have to ask yourself, “If I could make my sex life even a little bit better than it already is, could that really be a problem?” Of course the answer is no – boosting your sex life to any extent is always good.

Semenax – taken every day – continually increases your semen production, regardless of what age you are. Increase ejaculate, start today!

Improve your sex life with bigger, more visually appealing loads and do not forget…

…. Even if these claims seem crazy, or impossible, you have a 100% RISK FREE trial!

You can use Semenax for 60 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, then feel free to return the empty bottles for an entire refund (minus shipping and handling). We will give your money back no questions asked.

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